CourtlyNews is specially designed and managed to accommodate the sensibilities and needs of all visitors.

We are constantly conscious of our name; we thus strive at all times to remain polite and noble in choice and quality of posts as well as in the use of language. Our trained and experienced researchers, journalists and copywriters are available for the coverage of events for business and personality promotions.

We also have spaces for sponsored special features. We offer competitive vantage for advertisement and reasonable advert rates.

Below are some of the options. We also operate flexible policy which makes all rates negotiable.

Some of the spaces may also be redesigned to suite non-existing specifications. Special sizes and choice of placement are negotiable.


Location               Size                                        1 Month               3 Months             6 Months             12 Months


Top                        200×60                                  $2,500.00             $6,000.00             $10,800.00           $19,000.00          
Banner &
A Link                                                                                                                                                                   


Middle&              200×60                                  $2,000.00             $5,200.00             $10,000.00           $18,200.00          
A Link                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Bottom &            200×60                                  $1,200.00             $4,100.00             $9,600.00             $17,000.00          
A Link   



Location               Negotiable all through                                                                                                                                                   

Conditions for Advertisement

  1. All adverts must be delivered in electronic version, either on disk or e-mail in the specified pixel dimension unless otherwise stated. Production charge will apply if specified copy is not available.
  2. Note that all banner adverts must be in gif, jpeg or flash format.
  3. Rates are subject to change relative to situations but adverts currently running are protected from upward adjustments until expiration.
  4. Courtly Communications Limited or CourtlyNews, officers or business partners are not and shall not be liable for any cost or damage if for any reason it fails to publish the advert as specified as a result of any natural disaster, internet interruption, fire accidents or any other condition beyond the control of the publishers, officers or/and partners.
  5. Courtly Communications Limited or CourtlyNews reserves the sole rights to accept or reject any advert.
  6. Courtly Communications Limited or CourtlyNews deserves the rights to cancel any running advert found to have been deceptively supplied and thus injurious to any third party.
  7. Adverts are accepted on the condition that the advertiser agrees to indemnify the publishers of the copy, officers and business partners against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising from any published adverts.
  8. Currency conversion rates are based on the prevailing exchange rate for all local adverts.
  9. Courtly Communications Limited or CourtlyNews is not responsible for the content of sites linked from CourtlyNews.

For further enquiries, call 234(0)8053468608, 09069674834 or 08123454263 or email: specialpub@courtlyng.com
All rates take effect from First of January, 2020.

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